Celebration of the Arts: We’re going!

Wow! Designs by BJDK has artwork in the Grand Rapids First United Methodist Church’s annual Celebration of the Arts, one of the largest juried sacred arts shows in the USA!

Please join us at the opening reception on Friday, Feb. 7th, from 7-9pm at FUMC, 227 Fulton St E; Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3236

Mother and Child Dressed in Nature’s Fall Colors

The image of mother and child is an enduring icon of Love across many cultures. A mother’s love for her child mirrors God’s love for all his creations. In “Mother and Child Dressed in Nature’s Fall Colors”  an image of the Madonna and the Christ-Child is printed on fabric and encircled by a colorful medley of fall leaves. This mixed media art work challenges the viewer to make their own associations between mother, child, nature (mother nature) and our Creator!