From Towels to Posters

Designs by bjdk is honored to have a creation (Harlequin Tulips) picked to be in the final cohort (n=20) from which the 2020 Tulip Time Poster will be chosen.  Here’s a framed image along with the artist statement that was required to be submitted.

new tulips w: frame2

Artist Statement for Harlequin Tulips

The black and white diamond-patterned fabric in the background of Harlequin Tulips reflects the visually striking costume of the “Harlequin”, a classic comic pantomime character. The word harlequin also means brightly colored and refers to a specific greenish-chartreuse hue. Both definitions are captured in the tulips that are the theme of Harlequin Tulips. Solid colored tulips have specific symbolic meanings, and variegated (multicolored) tulips are said to symbolize beautiful eyes. In Harlequin Tulips, each tulip is composed of lively colored fabric and some of the petals are hand-dyed cotton made by the artist. Tulip leaves form a circle around a white central oculus (eye). Extending outward from the leaves are more tulips adapted from a computer-modified image of the central flowers. The three intertwined tulips within the center oculus derive from a quilt applique pattern, and Harlequin Tulips illustrates the fluid interface of craft (quilt making) and mixed media fine art.

Composed of multiple fabrics, layered to create a colorful and joy inspiring composition, Harlequin Tulips celebrates the levenvreugde (joy of life) that is spring in Michigan and Tulip Time!

Enjoy! ~bjdk